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Wellness and Beauty Solutions (ASX:WNB) has announced the launch of a new “safe sunless tanning brand,” which it expects to generate sales revenue through online and instore retail sales in excess of $1 million in FY 2020.

The new branded is aptly named TANNED and includes a range of 12 products.

It is expected to appeal to a broad market and WNB’s newly signed brand ambassadors, Kris Smith and Natalie Roser, have been assigned to the brand.

Between the two they have over 1.5 million social media followers across Instagram and Facebook – giving WNB a platform to achieve “immediate brand awareness.”

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WNB’s Managing Director and CEO Christine Parkes said that “TANNED is a brand specifically created to appeal to all generational market segments.”

The company mentions ‘Pivotals’ – the term that captures two key consumer generations; Generation Z and the Millennials as a key market for the brand.

WNB says that this consumer group “are collectively moving the beauty industry away from old ideals about attractiveness that drove marketing of the past.”

“Consumers are choosing to buy purpose-driven brands that meet their personal values,” said Parkes.

“They want brands that are non-gendered, multicultural, ethically-sourced and promote equality and inclusion.”

“TANNED is not a brand of difference or sameness it is a brand for everyone. It is a brand made for all, to include all and to be used by all.”

TANNED promotes the critical health message of safe sunless tanning and is free from chemicals such as sulphates and parabens.

The brand is an official Sponsorship Partner of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and will initially be sold online in June 2019.

TANNED was created with The Giving Brands Company (GBCo), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WNB.

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