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One of the biggest opportunities for companies in the wellness sector to gain publicity is through the use of brand ambassadors.

ASX listed Wellness and Beauty Solutions (ASX:WNB) has taken advantage of this opportunity with the signing of two high profile social influencers – Kris Smith and Natalie Roser.

The ambassadors have been signed up under WNB’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Giving Brand Company (GBCo).

Ambassadors provide businesses with credibility and publicity as they have a strong social following making it easy for them to generate sales for the products they promote.

Between them Smith and Roser have more than one million followers on Instagram and over 30,000 Facebook likes.

The social media trend has allowed for influencers to gain unprecedented publicity in their own right, which makes them attractive for businesses to include in their marketing mix.

Their involvement will not just be one or two Instagram posts, instead they have shown their commitment to WNB’s beauty brands by accepting shares in the company as part of their ambassador agreement.

The ambassadors will be issued 2 million WNB shares. These shares will be escrowed for 12 months, showing they have a strong incentive to see the brand and company succeed.

CEO of WNB, Christine Parkes has called their recruitment, “a real coup for the Group.”

“Kris and Natalie are highly professional and have shown a genuine integrity and willingness to work with GBCo to create and build our brands.”

But don’t just take the company’s word for it. Smith and Roser themselves have expressed excitement about working with WNB.

Smith has told WNB investors, “Health and wellbeing has been a huge part of my life for over 25 years now, so the opportunity to partner with this new innovative company whose focus is exactly that, is a real honour.”

Roser was similarly praiseworthy of the company and excited for the months ahead.

“I’m proud to stand alongside a company born with a strong conscience towards people, and the environment. When a brand’s philosophy, messaging and purpose aligns with your own, it is truly magic.”

WNB intends to announce in the coming weeks which brands Smith and Roser will be affiliated with.

Its current range of beauty, skincare and wellness brands include Jbronze, NailKalm, Breathe and the soon to be launched ELLE ranges.

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