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It’s a market that’s expected to be worth $73 billion — but there’s only one company listed on the ASX offering exposure to it.

A Market Study Report estimates that, by 2026, the global market for electric scooters will hit $73 billion, a good sign for Vmoto (ASX:VMT), the only scooter business on the local bourse.

“The demand for electric scooters has increased significantly over the years owing to increasing prices of gasoline across the globe,” the report states.

Demand for the vehicles has been largely driven by European consumers, with new European government policy and regulation supporting electric vehicle transport.

Meanwhile, booming online shopping and food delivery markets in Europe and maturity in electric vehicle technology have helped drive up demand for low-operational cost vehicles.

Vmoto earlier this year reported record international sales thanks to the growing interest — it sold a total of 3,821 units in the March quarter – 3,122 of these units in Europe.

The company’s shares have been on an upward trajectory in 2019. They got a 77 per cent boost in May when it announced a deal with Italian luxury motorcycle maker Ducati.

The SuperSoco CUx Special Edition Ducati model will be distributed via Vmoto and Ducati’s existing networks of international distributors.

The limited-edition model will be marketed as a higher-end, luxury product to scooter enthusiasts and will be available to the public until the end of 2020.

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