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Plastic pollution is a growing problem in the agriculture industry. Every year, an estimated 100,000 to 700,000 metric tons of microplastic is found in farmlands across North America and Europe alone.
Security Matters (ASX:SMX), a brand protection, supply chain integrity and blockchain technology company, is seeking to solve this problem with its latest project.

SMX has filed a new patent application for the technology to be used to mark plastic and agricultural products such as nets, films and packages, enabling accurate identification at a later date.

By using technology to identify the type of plastic in crops, it will enable the extraction of plastic and prevention of plastic contamination.

Security Matters’ technology invisibly marks any solid, liquid or gas using a chemical-based barcode. This can then be “read” using a unique proprietary reader, allowing the product to be tracked throughout the production chain.

The application of the technology will identify plastic fragments and shreds in crops, such as small remnants left from packages in stacks or bales of crops, or within a moving bulk of crop during post-harvest processing.

By 2015, 8,300 million tons of plastics had been produced globally. Nine percent was recycled, 11 percent incinerated, and the remaining 79 percent sent to landfills or leaked in to the environment.

Shockingly, an estimated 12,000 tons of plastics waste are expected to accumulate in landfills or in the environment by 2050 if action is not taken.

SMX’s founder and CEO, Haggai Alon, said that the project shows the technology’s potential to improve the agriculture industry.

“Plastic contamination in farming and agriculture is a global issue, and with the use of our technology we can reduce and even prevent this happening entirely.”

“This application symbolises the growing industry support of our technology.”

The project is one of several proof of concept projects the company is working on.

Discussions are also in progress with a number of other potential partners to begin projects this year, with 2019 looking like it will be an exciting year for SMX.

It is also receiving strong support from industry, having been selected as one of 12 companies accepted into Intel’s Ingenuity Partner Program, an accelerator program for innovative, technology companies in Israel.


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