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Security Matters (ASX:SMX) has entrenched itself further within the agricultural supply chain, signing a second proof-of-concept deal with an animal feed supplier.

It told its shareholders today that it had managed to secure a deal with Bluestar Adisseo Company, an animal nutrition company founded in 1939.

Security Matters and Adisseo will undertake a pilot program to investigate the use of Security Matters’ ‘track and trace’ solution in Adisseo’s feed.

The pilot will involve ‘dropping in’ Security Matters’ tech, meaning the production process or protocols won’t need to change on Adisseo’s end.

News of the pilot deal comes after Security Matters filed for a patent late last year to identify plastic products within crops.

The patent outlined a process whereby its tech would be used to identify small remnants of plastic found in packages or bales of crops — which are usually the product of moving crops in bulk during post-harvest processing.

Security Matters also tied up a proof-of-concept deal with seeds giant Hazera, with the company currently in the third phase of that trial.

Security Matters’ strategy

Security Matters has been signing a swag of proof-of-concept deals in several verticals, with the latest being in mining with the Perth Mint.

It’s also recently filed a patent in the US for the use of its technology in the broader mining industry.

However, that’s far from the only vertical Security Matters has been pursuing as it seeks to create a ‘digital twin’ for all objects.

In February, it revealed that it had become the only company in the world proven to be able to provide a ‘track and trace’ solution for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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But it’s also been active in targeting various other verticals.

For example, it’s targeted the burgeoning medical cannabis market with a trial with UK-based Clinicann to create a global standard for medical cannabis verification.

Security Matters is bringing a unique ‘track-and-trace’ solution to the market which could provide not only the ability to mark objects and trace them, but verify authenticity using a blockchain-backed solution.

It has the ability to use a hidden chemical ‘barcode’ which can permanently mark objects without altering their physical state.

The barcode is read using the company’s unique ‘reader’ to access the corresponding stored data, recorded and protected using blockchain technology.


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