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Star Investing interviewed David Vander – newly appointed Global Director for Growth for ASX-listed global software company LiveTiles (ASX:LVT).

Can you give us an introduction to yourself and if you can tell us a bit about your previous experience?

I am a 16-year Microsoft veteran and have done various roles including the worldwide head of sales excellence for enterprise sales business. I was the worldwide head of financial services for Microsoft. Both of those roles were based in Seattle. I was also the head of the services business for Asia Pacific based in Singapore.

Prior to that I was with Capgemini as part of their strategy consulting practice and I was dedicated to financial services.

And then prior to that, I was practicing as an engineer doing a lot of I.T project implementation. Interestingly as part of my graduate program I actually did an AI project in 1991 which was presented at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Measurement of Control. So, I’m glad to have come full circle back to an AI based company.

You said you’re a Microsoft veteran – LiveTiles obviously work very closely with Microsoft. Do you want to tell us about how you became involved with LiveTiles?

I was introduced to LiveTiles from some work that we were doing as part of a pursuit with the ANZ Bank, which was quite successful and I was pretty impressed with LiveTiles as an offering. I hadn’t met anybody and then was introduced to Peter Nguyen-Brown and just had the most wonderful experience. It was a dinner that was set up by a mutual friend and it was probably one of the most impressive dinners and business conversations I’ve ever had.

Peter focused in leadership, culture and care for people and the business that they were building and then I spent many a meeting and many a conversation with all of the leadership team. LiveTiles was such an impressive company with such an impressive ambition that it was very hard not to get energised and enthused. I did my homework and I think there’s a number of other reasons why LiveTiles is so special but that’s how I started to get involved and fortunately we were able to put two and two together and I’m very happy to be here.

Do you want to tell us what it is about LiveTiles that is so special and what about the company that attracted you to join?

First and foremost is the vision that the organisation has and its ambition. It is just tremendous to be one of Australia’s great companies and the product vision that it has around being a platform; and an ecosystem for extreme productivity in the enterprise; and the way it’s executed on its AI and data strategy; and the way it comes from a user centric design point of view.

I think the second thing is the culture of the organisation. There are some incredible people here doing some very good work and having fun along the way. It’s an exciting culture and it’s a global culture as well. But I think what really excited me was just the sheer size of the market opportunity. This space is huge. It’s highly fragmented and there’s a massive opportunity for a company like LiveTiles to make a lot of progress and be a clarifying force in the marketplace.

I think when you add it all up the future is extremely optimistic for LiveTiles and coupled with the ambition and the capability that the company has it is just fantastic and I’m looking forward to helping extend that capability.

And what will you be focused on first?

As global growth director clearly around the growth opportunities and making sure that we are focusing on attractive market spaces and we define positions that we can stake out. So that will be a big part of my agenda and my capabilities that I’ll bring to the table.

I think strategic relationships are going to be important; learning from the strategic relations that we have; extending the Microsoft relationship; and seeing what new relationships can be built. There are varying forms of partnerships across the spectrum that we can create and I will be looking at how we can start to create an ecosystem of capability for our customers.

And also leveraging my 16 years’ experience at Microsoft running software practices and what leadership advice and mentorship I can provide the organisation and really helping us capture the opportunity that’s in front of us.

And is there anything in 2019 that you’re particularly looking forward to with LiveTiles?

I think 2019 is going to be a very exciting and formative year for the company. Firstly, I think the platform vision is really coming together and how we would add business capability components and business services through the platform to make it very easy for our customers to adopt and engage, be that through strategic partnerships or product integration. I’m very excited about that and the messaging framework that we’re putting around that it’s going to be superb.

I do think that the growth opportunities are very exciting. There is so much space here for us to capture. So, I’m very excited about us executing well on those spaces, be they geography or business scope spaces that we can go after.

And I’m really looking forward to LiveTiles obtaining an even greater leadership position in the marketplace and being that go-to company for that amazing AI, data, intranet and employee productivity categories that we have mapped out as a leading light for us and extending that leadership position in the marketplace.

I think there’s a lot of IP that LiveTiles brings and I’m looking forward to all of that coming together throughout the course of 2019 and executing over the next five to ten years.


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