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Star Investing spoke with Stephen Power, Executive Chairman of Antipa Minerals (ASX:AZY).

Star Investing: Thanks for joining me today If we just begin with an introduction to yourself and about how you became involved with Antipa Minerals.

Stephen Power: Hi my name is Stephen Power, and I’m the executive chairman of Antipa Minerals. I actually founded the company along with Roger Mason and the rest of the board. We actually started setting it up about eight years ago.

We ran through a complete list of possible assets we could have a look at and we were attracted to the Patterson province in Western Australia which is about 300 kilometres east of Port Hedland in the Great Sandy Desert.

And what attracted us was that it was under explored but it had the demonstrated capacity to generate Tier one assets.

SI: I believe Telfer was there as well?

SP: Absolutely. So Telfer’s a Tier one asset. Telfer pre-mining had 32 million ounces of gold and a million tonnes of copper. So in any measure that is world class.

Newcrest has also discovered Callahan’s just south of Telfer, which has was reported by Newcrest as just over 5 percent of the world’s tungsten in resource

SI: That is not bad!

SP:  Exactly. So you’ve got world class deposits but it’s very lightly explored, and the reason for that is that there’s an overlying cover…sandy cover, overlying the rocks of interest and that’s has meant that it has preserve the exploration opportunity over the years.

Because previously you didn’t have the tools, but we have now the geophysical tools…various helicopter surveys where you can do these geophysical surveys and look underneath the cover to see what’s exactly there.

So that’s what we did we and we managed to pick up over five and a half thousand square kilometres of it. So we have a very large holding and we think we’ve picked up the best part of it because ours is under a very low cut amount of cover.

SI: So you’ve given me a fairly comprehensive pitch there, but let’s say you had to do an elevator pitch in less than a minute?

SP: Antipa Minerals has five and a half thousand square kilometres of tier one exploration ground in what is churning out last year and this year to be the hottest property in Australia, and it’s predominantly copper -old type area that has the ability to throw up other minerals and really is. Has the ability to throw up these Tier one assets which is demonstrated by Telfer and Callahan’s and other assets in the area.

And recently recently we knew this well from Rio Tinto.

SI: What do you see as the company’s competitive advantage? What do you think is the company’s key differentiator? If I’m an investor looking out at different opportunities…

SP: I think the asset. First up it is an asset which companies like Rio Tinto and other majors are vying for and would love to have. And secondly our technical expertise and the technical people we have are second to none.

SI: Can you nutshell 2018 for me – talking about sort of the key milestones you hit?

SP: I think coming off the back of our resources…we put a 723,000 ounce gold resource we put on the table in 2017, and into 2018 plus our further exploration that we did in the northern Telfer project, as well as Rio’s efforts at Citadel.

I think they’re the major things that we did last year, and feeding into this year were we’ll go into a more greenfields exploration.

SI: Taking a bit of an alternate look at things -What’s a mining company you really admire?

SP: Look I think that I’ll go back in time…

SI: Please, take me back on the time machine!

SP: It doesn’t exist anymore, but Western Mining is one because since its formation in about 1930s it concentrated on technical excellence and it wasn’t scared to explore using the most advanced technical methods and it really put a lot into that.

People still call or refer to people as being ‘WMC trained’ meaning they’re the best of the best.

SI: And that’s a philosophy you’ve taken right through to Antipa…

SP: Exactly. And that what we did when we chose the asset. We chose what we think is an absolutely class asset, and we’re exploring it using what we think are the most advanced exploration techniques available.

SI: What about a company outside of mining? Are there companies you’d look at and think ‘I think they’re a great company’?

SP: You know, one I look at is Microsoft, because Microsoft had lost its way.  

And under Satya Nadella recently it has now gone ahead in leaps and bounds. He’s managed to turn that company around and again concentrate on things which they do well and and really concentrating on really good technical expertise and develop.

And I think that’s the trick – to use the intelligence of people and to trust them and push them forward.

SI: And finally, can give me a bit of a flavour of 2019 and what investors or potential investors will could expect?

SP: We’ve got a really big year this year. We have generated a number of geophysical targets the same sort of thing that Rio looked at when they were looking at we knew just anomalies that have been thrown up by his geophysical surveys and we’ll be drilling those throughout the first half of 2019 and we’ll see where we get to and then that’ll generate further work in in the second half.

SI: Great. Steven Power, thanks for joining me.


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