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Novita Healthcare (ASX:NHL) has continued to show the market the fruits of its US labours, with its flagship Tali product to be used in a district containing 50,000 children.

It told the market this morning that a group of 20 children at Faubion public school in Portland would use Tali to improve attention in the classroom.

While this figure is modest, it could open the way to broader use in the Portland Public Schools district, which contains 50,000 students.

The initial group of 20 will provide the basis for a case study, which Novita can then take to the broader district as proof its tech works in the US context.

The district has a $US16 million ($A22.7 million) budget to deliver special needs services, with Tali competing to capture a portion of this money.

“Having a public school such as Faubion commence with Tali will be invaluable in demonstrating the value of Tali in a wider school context,” Novita managing director Glenn Smith told investors.

“The activation at Faubion will strengthen our broader and longer-term marketing and sales objectives for the USA market.”

Smith has previously discussed the company’s push into the US on the Star Investing podcast, and this recent move gives weight to the rhetoric.

Earlier this month the company announced that it had signed a similar deal with the Nampa school district in Idaho — with a 50 child trial to give it more credibility in the US market.

Nampa has three special education programs — the types of programs the company thinks would be a great delivery channel for its product to a potential market of 5 million kids with a target clinical diagnosis.

It has also secured a partnership with CareStarter in the US — a venture-backed platform which automates and scales paediatric care management in Texas — and contains 25,000 families.

About Novita and Tali

Novita’s flagship technology is the Tali Train product, which is a brain training game designed to improve attention in inattentive children — usually from the ages of three to eight.

It’s backed by more than a decade of research, and is usually delivered over five weeks on a SaaS model.

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It’s the result of research originating from Monash University in Melbourne, and is available as part of the NDIS program in Australia.

While Novita has built its base in Australia it has also had its eyes on international expansion — with the US identified as a key market, although it has also done some early sales work in Asia.

It is also expected to deliver Tali Detect, a program to help identify severe inattention issues in young children before it becomes a problem in the classroom, by the end of the year — giving it a foot in both identifying inattention issues and treating them without the use of psychostimulant drugs such as Ritalin.


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