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The workplace has undergone many changes, from the days of private offices and cubicles to the more common open plan spaces today.
However, nothing has played as much of a role in changing how we work than technology. Email is probably one of the most transformational tools that has increased productivity, particularly when compared to the days of “snail mail”.

A digital workplace can simply be a change of mindset within an organisation, allowing businesses to rethink traditional processes and increase efficiency.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing a key role in changing how we work. It is transforming how people interact in the workplace and driving productivity.

One ASX-listed company leading the charge of incorporating AI into the workplace is software as a service (SaaS) business LiveTiles (ASX:LVT). LiveTiles’ AI product suite, which includes chat bots, is helping employees better navigate, interact and engage in the workplace.

CEO of LiveTiles, Karl Redenbach, said: “providing staff with simple to use tools that they are able to personalise to suit their needs, will increase productivity and take away mundane tasks, freeing up time to focus on more engaging and challenging work.”

“It isn’t about replacing jobs with AI, it is about using software that can increase performance and engagement in the workplace.”

LiveTiles’ software brings together a business’s existing tools, software and systems. It connects these technologies to help employees better locate and navigate through the workplace’s other solutions and functions.

Its LiveTiles Bots provide staff with a web-based tool to create custom assistants to automate mundane and repetitive tasks.

So, what does a successful digital workplace look like? According to Mr Redenbach, user engagement will be central to this success, and the technology must adapt to the changing patterns of staff.

LiveTiles’ software is used by almost 600 companies globally and the business is an award-winning Microsoft partner.

The University of Canberra is implementing its AI bot solution to improve the engagement and interaction between students and staff. This is expected to free up time for staff by removing the more mundane tasks and giving them more time to spend one-on-one with the students.

Rebecca Armstrong, Deputy Director of Projects and Innovation at the University of Canberra, said: “Our aim with the LiveTiles Bots implementation is to further support digital transformation across the environment.

“Implementation of a strong bot capability will keep the university at the forefront of the virtual assistant and artificial intelligence wave, and over time will reduce costs and lower the administrative burden.”

LiveTiles is also working with leading businesses throughout Australia and internationally. Its customers include a multinational media and entertainment conglomerate, some of the world’s largest retail stores, one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic equipment, a global airline headquartered in the United States, and a large food manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Digital workplaces aren’t just the future: they are happening now. Companies are embracing technology in the interest of their employees.

“It isn’t about reducing staff, it is about improving the user experience and access to information through smart, intelligent workplace solutions that will improve the productivity of the staff you have,” Mr Redenbach said.


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