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Organisations are increasingly sharing more data and information, bringing with it mounting issues surrounding data security. In the workplace, many of the threats that stem from sharing information actually come from within organisations themselves.

Companies are increasingly deploying a range of technology to improve efficiencies, make workflow simpler and to encourage sharing of information between employees.

However, this brings other challenges such as security of information, protection of intellectual property (IP) and monitoring the flow of sensitive information and compliance.

To address these issues, LiveTiles (ASX:LVT) has developed an enterprise solution that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to create a more intelligent workplace that encourages sharing and collaboration.

LiveTiles has partnered with Nucleus Cyber, an AI-driven data security company, to incorporate Nucleus’s technology into its Intelligent Workplace solution to protect against inside threats including breaches, sensitive data misuse and unauthorised file access.

Karl Redenbach, LiveTiles Co-Founder and CEO, said, “By adding powerful cyber-security technology to our product suite, we are addressing a major concern that businesses have when collaborating in the cloud.”

Microsoft estimates that more than 400,000 organisations are using SharePoint Online in their Office 365 subscription, and the latest Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are also putting pressure on businesses to enhance security around corporate and personal data.

LiveTiles have recognised the fine balancing act of ensuring security in a digital and collaborative workplace. By partnering with Nucleus Cyber, LiveTiles’ Intelligent Workplace Solution will be enhanced by the additional data security capabilities of Nucleus Cyber’s platform to create the world’s first Intelligent Secure Workplace Solution.

Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber, said: “We love how the LiveTiles platform has empowered organisations to improve collaboration. Adding tighter security measures around these platforms is a logical next step to mitigate inside threats that result from data access and sharing.”

The solution will be powered by AI and provide a comprehensive set of capabilities on top of Microsoft’s Office 365 and SharePoint platforms.

The Intelligent Secure Workplace Solution will be promoted to mid-sized and large organisations through LiveTiles’ sales and marketing channels.

LiveTiles expects the additional functionality to contribute to its subscription revenue growth and strong demand is already coming from large enterprises in the financial, insurance and legal industries, all of which are greatly impacted by growing global security regulations.


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