ASX-listed artificial intelligence (AI) software company Livetiles (ASX: LVT) is hoping to reduce queue times at airports with its new Gate Agent Assistant Bot.

Launched in partnership with Microsoft, the new bot will support airline gate staff by helping to respond quickly to customer queries.

The bot’s AI and simple interface will help frontline staff quickly obtain information from the airline’s database about passengers or flight changes and escalate issues where required.

As part of the announcement, LiveTiles also told investors that a major US airline has already signed on as its first customer. The unnamed airline will pay under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, adding to the company’s growing annual recurring revenue (ARR).

LiveTiles ARR reached $22.9 million as at 31 December 2018, which was up 232% year-on-year and the company is targeting $100 million in ARR by December 2021.

The US airline industry represents a significant opportunity for LiveTiles, with overcrowded airports and some of the worst queuing delays in the world – one in seven US travelers miss flights due to queuing delays.

One airline that uses LiveTiles’ intelligent workplace solution, although are yet to adopt their latest creation, is Virgin Australia. Head of Employee Experience, Emma Mehaffey voiced her support of LiveTiles’ AI solutions – ‘LiveTiles gives you the power to create a one stop shop – where all your applications can be stored. We are excited that other departments are also moving over to LiveTiles’ technology, ensuring that sharing information between our businesses is going to be easier than ever.’

The bot has been made possible through LiveTiles’ partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft’s Global Managing Director of Travel and Transportation, Julie Shainock has lauded the launch of the bots, predicting it would significantly help airlines improve their customer service.

“LiveTiles’ Gate Agent Assistant Bots will have the ability to streamline and drastically improve customer experiences by improving efficiency and decreasing delays at busy airport gates. LiveTiles’ innovative approach to this problem is filling a genuine gap and is set to greatly improve the way we all experience airline travel”, said Shainock.

Airport check-in can be a high-stress and tense environment and this simple airline bot solution and the efficiencies it brings could help to reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by passengers.

US airlines tend to operate with a hub model instead of point-to-point, meaning major airport hubs in the US are heavily concentrated with passengers. It is these hubs that stand to reap the most benefits from increased efficiencies and improved customer service.

If the Gate Agent Assistant Bot is successful it will lead to less friction in managing passengers through the gate and the ability to access relevant customer data quickly and efficiently.

LiveTiles’ CEO, Karl Redenbach, who is based in the US believes that this new solution will revolutionise the way airlines design their gate process.

‘It is a real-world use case on how this industry will incorporate AI in their technology to optimise the experience of employees and customers’, he said.


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