The addition of First Graphene’s (ASX:FGR) graphene powders to polyurethane elastomers results in improved fire retardancy, study results have shown


  • The addition of PureGRAPH, First Graphene’s graphene powders, to polyurethane elastomers provides “very useful fire retardancy qualities”
  • Results come from tests conducted with the University of Adelaide on PureGRAPH’s ability to prevent fire in various polymers
  • Further fire testing is currently being undertaken

Polyurethane elastomer is a coating that has similar properties to rubber, but is often used as an alternative, as it is formulated to resist high loads, abrasion, and solvents — and Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) tests showed an improvement in fire retardancy when PureGRAPH was added.

The base polyurethane elastomer burnt with an LOI value of 22.85 per cent — the addition of PureGRAPH raised that to 31.6 per cent, meaning that under normal atmospheric conditions it will not propagate or support flame and will only burn in the presence of significantly higher oxygen levels.

Previous tests have shown that PureGRAPH products provide a range of other benefits to polyurethane products, including significantly increased tensile, tear and abrasion wear characteristics.

Fire in rubbers and polyurethane elastomers costs the mining industry considerable amounts, both in terms of replacement and foregone productivity. Using PureGRAPH to both increase the time between replacement and limit fire provides a considerable benefit to the users of polyurethane elastomers,” said Craig McGuckin, managing director of First Graphene.

About First Graphene

First Graphene is a leading supplier of high-performing, graphene products. The company has a robust manufacturing platform based upon captive supply of high-purity raw materials and an established 100 tonne per year graphene production capacity.

Commercial applications are now being progressed in composites, elastomers, fire retardancy, construction and energy storage.

PureGRAPH™ powders are available in tonnage volumes with lateral platelet sizes of 20μm, 10μm and 5μm. The products are high performing additives, characterised by their high quality and ease of use.


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