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We are living in a stressed society, with one-third of all Australians living with depression, anxiety or stress according to Australia’s Biggest Mental Health Check-In report in 2018, which surveyed 3,500 employees across a range of industries.

Stress can be caused by many factors including work, money, housing, and relationships, and can manifest itself in many ways including anxiety and insomnia. Instead of reaching for Xanax, Australians are shouting out for effective natural alternatives.

ASX-listed Fiji Kava (ASX:FIJ) has recognised this pressing need and is bringing its kava products to Australia. After listing on the ASX in December 2018, Fiji Kava will be launching its range of kava products in the Australian market in the first quarter of 2019.

The CEO of Fiji Kava, Zane Yoshida, said that can provide people with a natural way to unwind.

“Fijians are a very relaxed people. We have benefitted from the tradition of kava being part of our lives, and so instead of reaching for pills or alcohol when we feel stressed, we share kava with friends”, Mr Yoshida said.

“We hear people constantly talking about being stressed in Australia and we wanted to ‘bring the calm’ here. We believe our noble kava products will be extremely beneficial to people here.”

Herbs and natural medicines have been used for centuries to treat various different ailments, and there is a growing trend from consumers to seek alternative natural remedies to their ailments before heading to the doctor for a prescription or pills.

According to Fiji Kava, a traditional method like kava can be an effective natural relaxant with significantly less negative side effects than prescription medication, and it isn’t addictive.

Kava’s relaxing effects are caused by the active compounds kavalactones that bind onto the brain receptors in the amygdala, which regulates feelings of fear and anxiety in a similar way to Xanax.

Fiji Kava also has plans to further investigate the clinical benefits of kava, with further research and development and clinical trials to test the efficacy of different kava cultivars in treating different medical conditions.

Yoshida said clinical trials will test which cultivars best target insomnia, muscle recovery and cardiovascular disease.

He indicated that Fiji Kava will also be exploring combining medical cannabis and kava, targeting a variety of indications their research team has identified.

It seems there is hope in sight for stressed-out Aussies this year with the launch of Fiji Kava’s kava products, and more interesting developments on the horizon with its upcoming clinical trials.


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