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Now the festive period is well and truly over, it’s time to get back to business – and that means turning our attentions back to the market.

At the end of December there was a new ASX listing which could hold the solution to avoiding the hangovers in 2019, so perhaps the next festive period we can still have all the fun without the consequential headaches.

Fiji Kava (ASX:FIJ) is the first kava company to list on any global stock exchange. Kava is a natural alternative to over-the-counter medications to treat insomnia, anxiety and muscle tension. Fiji Kava’s kava capsules will be a welcome alternative to addictive medication.

Kava is also growing in popularity in the west as a natural alternative to alcohol. In many countries, the casual catch-up for a beer or wine is being replaced by kava.

Kava bars are springing up across the United States. At a kava bar, customers get the relaxing and calming effect of kava, together with its slightly euphoric effects, while also enjoying a social experience; and with no hangover afterwards.

The Krave kava bar in Carrboro, North Carolina said many of its customers like kava as an alternative to drinking alcohol, without any regrets the next day.

Zane Yoshida, CEO of Fiji Kava, is enthusiastic about bringing the calm of kava to the Australian market.

“We have tried and tested our premium, noble kava products in Fiji with our Taki Mai branded capsules, powder and kava shots. We are now bringing our noble kava to Australia, with premium kava that has been proven to have a relaxing effect on consumers, helping them to unwind, get to sleep and relax muscles after exercise.”

Due to its therapeutic effects, kava is also used as an alternative to drugs like Diazepam and Xanax. It provides a natural treatment for depression, stress, restlessness and anxiety.

The active compounds in kava (kavalactones) bind onto the brain receptors in the amygdala, which regulates feelings of fear and anxiety in a similar way to Diazepam or Valium.

However, unlike these prescription drugs, with kava there is no threat of addiction or other unpleasant side effects (driving impairment, memory loss, heart attack, hallucinations) when taken in normal doses.

Fiji Kava’s listing on the ASX raised a total of $5.2m to drive forward its growth strategy. It will soon be launching its range of kava products in the Australian market. Additionally, it is carrying out clinical research to develop strains of kava to treat specific ailments, so people with insomnia would take a different kava product to those with muscle tension.

The company is also beginning R&D into combining kava with cannabis, which could lead to some interesting product releases in the future.

It may be wishful thinking that 2019 will be the year we bid good riddance to a hangover, but Fiji Kava is offering a compelling alternative.

This content is produced by Star Investing in commercial partnership with Fiji Kava. This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.