The English government will try adding graphene into road surfacing materials in an attempt to address deteriorating road conditions across the country.

Government body Highways England, which is responsible for motorways and major roads, will add graphene into maintenance and renewals operations in the hope it will extend road life.

The partnership will explore the operational and road user benefit of incorporating graphene into assets such as road surfacing and road markings, as well as help to drive the development of a low carbon and digital road network.

Highways England has partnered with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), which is part of the University of Manchester. Graphene was discovered at the university in 2004 and has many wondrous qualities.

Australian graphene producer First Graphene (ASX:FGR) was one of three first-tier partners invited to be part of the $107 million GEIC facility.

First Graphene just announced that it had begun selling its PureGRAPH range of graphene powders, sending out products from its Henderson facility to clients in Ireland, Germany and the UK for product development programmes, while Australian partner newGen is advancing its field trials with customers in the Pilbara mining region of Western Australia.

And in further good news, formal long-term supply contracts are being finalised with two
key accounts in parallel to the shipment of the initial sales volumes — First Graphene says it
will update the market with more information when it can.

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