Investment management firm Shaw & Partners believes Cynata Therapeutics (ASX: CYP) will double in value over the next year.


  • Shaw & Partners set a 12 month price target for Cynata of $2.50
  • Shaw believes Fujifilm will exercise its options to license Cymerus
  • ‘Substantial value’ to CYP shareholders is anticipated


Shaw & Partners set a $2.50 price target on the company on the back of recent board appointments, pointing to a deal with Fujifilm as a company maker.

It said “significant value” should be created from the deal, should Fujifilm exercise an option to license Cynata’s technology later this year.

“[We] expect it will exercise the option which will be [a] strong validation of CYP’s Cymerus platform, [will] see CYP-001 move into GvHD phase 2 trials in 2019, and deliver substantial value to CYP,” it said in the note.

It said the fact that Cynata was building out its team pointed to renewed confidence from the company that a deal with Fujifilm would be executed.

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About Cynata Therapeutics

Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX: CYP) is an Australian clinical stage stem cell and regenerative medicine company that is developing a therapeutic stem cell platform technology, Cymerus™, originating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a world leader in stem cell research.

The proprietary Cymerus™ technology addresses a critical shortcoming in existing methods of production of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for therapeutic use, which is the ability to achieve economic manufacture at commercial scale.

The ability to manufacture at commercial scale means that it can be used ‘off the shelf’, while traditional stem cell therapy is limited by the number of donors available.

This has the potential to create a new standard in the emergent arena of stem cell therapeutics and provides both a unique differentiator and an important competitive position.


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