Copper has been somewhat of a wonder mineral ever since the Bronze Age, but that doesn’t mean it’s going away — in fact, its use is only getting wider.

1. In buildings

When a company goes out of business, the common refrain is that employees will start tearing wires out of the walls.

That’s because every building is teeming with copper wiring to carry electricity around to all the building’s various powerpoints.

2. In next-gen batteries

It plays a huge role in electric vehicle batteries — which marks it not only as a metal of the past but one of the future.

One EV battery will contain more than a mile of copper wiring in the engine.

3. In electronics

Because of the aforementioned conductivity of electricity, a lot of household gadgets will contain copper.

As it does conduct well and can be cut into wiring, it’s an easy and adaptable way to distribute power.

4. In vehicles

Aside from EV batteries, standard cars contain a heck of a lot of copper wiring.

In fact, by some estimates the average care has more than 1.5km of copper wiring in it — with total usage of 20kg in small cars.

5. In wind turbines

There are huge amounts of copper in renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, with a wind turbine containing 3.6 tonnes of it per megawatt.

In fact, there is so much copper in wind turbines some have expressed concerns that turbines could be targeted by thieves wanting to turn an easy buck.  


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