Jayex Healthcare (ASX:JHL)

Jayex Healthcare (ASX:JHL)

Jayex Healthcare (ASX: JHL) is a health-tech company providing a suite of services and platforms for the healthcare sector.

Its latest product, Jayex Connect, is a patient engagement platform for healthcare providers. The consolidated platform provides a single cloud-based dashboard for practitioners to access all the healthcare tools to manage and connect with patients.

Its key features include queue management, appointment bookings, patient management and healthcare campaigns.

Jayex’s full suite of products also include patient workflow solutions; Enlighten and Appointuit. The Enlighten platform is used extensively throughout NHS hospitals and medical centres in the UK.

Its delivery service solutions include its prescription delivery service, Pharmacy 2 U (P2U), and a prescription processing and remote medicine dispensing terminal BluePoint®.

Jayex is seeking to commercialise its Bluepoint terminals and Pharmacy 2 U offering in the growing medical cannabis sector for application in the prescribed sale and distribution of approved medical cannabis products.

The Company listed in 2015 following the acquisition of UK-based JX Technology.

The Board and Management


Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd is the Chairman of Jayex and has been with the Company since its founding.

He has over 25 years’ experience in business development in both the public and private sectors.

His career highlights include founding and building Iridium Satellite, Foundation Healthcare and Sonic Healthcare; with the latter of these now an ASX top 50 Company.

Mr Boyd is based in Melbourne and leads development of the Company’s strategic vision.

Brian Renwick
Non-Executive Director

Brian Renwick has been with Jayex since 2006 and has built a successful career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

His experience includes Business Development roles at CSL and serving as general manager for a corporate pharmacy business.

He has consulted to Jayex since 2006 and is an important member of the team, holding detailed commercial knowledge across the healthcare sector in addition to his experience.

Agam Jain
Executive Director

Agam Jain has founded several successful businesses including a UK Business also called Jayex, which he built up over 30 years before being acquired by Jayex in Australia for nearly GBP4 million.

He is based in London and his day to day responsibilities involve overseeing UK, US and European business development.

Michael Chan
Executive Director

Michael Chan has 30 years’ experience in business development and marketing.

In 1995, he founded property and business financier AMG Corporate and remains Managing Director to this day.

Prior to this he worked in business development across several companies in both the public and private sectors. His greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Jayex Healthcare (ASX:JHL)