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ASX-listed Buddy Platform (ASX:BUD) has signed a new statement of work with Airsteam to deploy its Buddy Cloud technology into Airstream’s new vehicle lines, providing updates and new features to existing vehicles through “retro-fit kits”.

Buddy is a leader in IoT and cloud-based solutions that make spaces smarter. In this case, the space is the Airstream caravan.

Airstream’s 2019 vehicle range will feature the Buddy Cloud-powered “Smart Control Technology” that helps Airstream owners control and monitor systems and amenities from anywhere. This includes lighting, awning, vent fans, water, propane and battery levels.

Users can monitor remotely using a mobile app, helping to keep them connected to the comforts of home even when they’re far from it.

“Digital technology has improved almost every aspect of our lives,” said Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler.

“Shouldn’t it make camping better, too? We think so. That’s why, in keeping with our commitment to innovation, we’re leading the way with our new Smart Control Technology and connectivity solution.”

The new project is a result of extensive feature planning and negotiations with Airstream and in addition to an existing contract with Thor Industries, owner of Airstream. Parties have also shared a multi-year product roadmap that is centred on Buddy Cloud technology.

“Airstream were generous enough to share with us a multi-year roadmap for their smart control features built on Buddy Cloud, including a desire to expand beyond their existing vehicles into new models,” said David McLauchlan, CEO of Buddy Platform.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue our journey with Airstream, and deeply appreciate the faith they’ve placed in our people and our products.”

Under the new statement of work there is a retainer of US$100,000 per month for ongoing feature development work and deployment of the Buddy Cloud system into additional vehicle lines. Buddy also receives a monthly fee payable per vehicle activated.

“We are very proud of the Buddy Cloud-based solution we delivered to Airstream for their recreational vehicles, as well as the close relationship we’ve developed with them over the past couple years”, said Mr McLauchlan.

This is Airstream’s first retail product to include Buddy Cloud technology, and Airstream has already commenced delivery of 2019 trailers with Buddy Cloud technology installed.

The full announcement is available here. 

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