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The potential of BrainChip’s (ASX:BRN) technology to help in criminal investigations just became a whole lot more real as the ASX-listed AI provider signed a strategic sales partnership agreement with software security provider, SoftCryptum.

SoftCryptum sells security and data analytical solutions to government agencies around the world and has partnered with BrainChip to sell its AI-powered video analytics solutions to government agencies in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

BrainChip’s technology has already been deployed within several European government agencies, including DGSI and the Bordeaux Airport.

The partnership with SoftCryptom bolsters BrainChip’s existing sales operations and provides a strong backing from a well-respected and well-connected sales partner in the region.

SoftCryptom has over 20 years’ in the software security industry and has sold software solutions to more than 250 government agencies worldwide.

SoftCryptom is a provider of video and image analytics in its own right yet clearly were intrigued enough by BrainChip’s products and existing links with government agencies to form a deal to distribute its products.

BrainChip’s AI technology is based on spiking neural networks that mimic the human brain by sending information by spikes and processing it using neurons. The technology can be trained to recognise and identify complex characteristics of faces and items of clothing, making it ideally suited for searching for suspects and witnesses by crawling through terabytes of CCTV footage.

Furthermore, it can do such routine tasks 20 times faster than a human operator, thereby saving precious resources and time. Along with solving crimes, it can also be used find lost luggage.

BrainChip’s EMEA sales director, Luis Coello was proud to announce the agreement to the company’s shareholders, stating, “this new partnership strengthens the visibility of BrainChip Studio in European government agencies and improves operational and sales efficiency for our business”.

SoftCryptum also welcomed the agreement with its President Guillaume Tissot expressing confidence not only in BrainChip’s products but in SoftCryptom’s capacity to deliver them to market.

‘We will use our growing customer base to further accelerate the adoption of BrainChip’s technology. With a solid network of contacts in Law Enforcement, Defense and Intelligence Agencies, our Company is well positioned to help promote, install and support BrainChip’s AI-powered software and hardware solutions,’ he said.


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