In a sign that the electric vehicle revolution isn’t going anywhere, BMW has outlined plans to offer 25 electrified vehicles by 2023 — with half of those models to be fully electric.

According to CNBC reports, the luxury automaker outlined its plans at the NEXTGen show in Munich, where it also outlined bullish sales targets.

It said that it expected sales of electric models to increase by 30 percent year on year until 2025 — with the company outlining plans to have half a million hybrid or electric vehicles on the road by the end of this year alone.

“We are firmly committed to emission-free driving,” said Harald Kruger, chairman of BMW’s board, in a press release Tuesday.

“Our vision is clear: sustainable mobility, produced in a sustainable manner. We have set ourselves the goal of only buying electricity from renewable energy sources for all our locations worldwide from 2020,” he added.

Given traditional ‘luxury’ players have been late to the EV game, it’s a sign that the market is firmly heading in one direction.

In a cool bit of tech outlined by BMW, from 2020 its hybrids will have an ‘eDrive zones function’ — which will sense when a car is driving into parts of cities reserved for emissions-free driving and switch over to electric automatically.

The tech is squarely aimed at the European market, where several cities have declared ‘no pollution zones’ aimed at keeping smog away from city centres.

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In fact, according to Bloomberg NEF Europe is set to emerge as the number two market for EVs in the coming years, sandwiched by China and the US respectively.

The boom in EV sales is naturally a boon for suppliers of lithium-ion batteries, with a raft of battery mineral miners set to profit from the trend.


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