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ArchTIS (ASX:AR9) has effectively doubled the users on its Kojensi Gov Beta secure collaboration platform after the Attorney General’s department recommended its use in the Aged Care Royal Commission.

The company had tied up a deal to have the AG’s department use AR9’s platform to collaborate securely, but the platform will now also be used to securely share information as part of the Aged Care Royal Commission.

Given the sensitive nature of information shared as part of a Royal Commission, the trust being placed in archTIS’ beta product is validation of its core product functionality.

Aside from the vote of confidence the AG’s department has placed in the platform by recommending it, the doubling of users on the platform will also give AR9 more user data to improve the product.

That data will be invaluable as it moves towards an H1 launch of its product.

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It’s also a boon for AR9 as it moves towards certification to hold PROTECTED level information — which once received will open up more opportunities for the company.

It also teased the upside potential of the platform, saying strategic partners such as Oracle, axiomatics, Vault, Deloitte and DXC has brought back “multiple commercial opportunities for the company”.

“The scope of opportunities being generated through this network further validates the market opportunities archTIS has identified for Kojensi Gov clearly demonstrates that there is an unmet need for the archTIS platform both within Australia and overseas,” it said.

About archTIS

archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9) specialises in the design and development of products, solutions and services for secure information sharing and collaboration.

Its products and solutions have the ability to apply and enforce dynamic, policy-driven access controls at the user and information level.

Established in 2006, archTIS has over 10 years’ experience delivering secure information and identity management services and solutions within the highest security levels of the Australian government.

By establishing trust within government frameworks, which require high levels of trust, it is thought this would hold it in good stead when it broadens out its offering to other sectors.

This was the main aim of its listing in 2018 — and while the AG recommendation re-enforces its position in the government market, strategic partners such as enterprise software giant Oracle and consulting behemoth Deloitte could hold the key to broadening the market for the product.

It is aiming for the full launch of Kojensi Gov in the first half of 2019, with development on other tailored products to follow.

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