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Artificial Intelligence is being used in a manner of ways across a whole spectrum of industries – and this continues to grow.

One of the ways it is soon to be deployed is in the organisation and management of workplace meetings – which can be a time consuming and laborious task for all involved.

It can be difficult to schedule times that suit everyone, sometimes agreeing on a date may be a feat in and of itself, particularly at larger gatherings.

Currently, conversations are transcribed manually on a laptop or by hand and are very rarely concise and a company’s collective thought is often left to be determined by each individual.

A new AI software to be launched by LiveTiles (ASX: LVT) seeks to make these problems a thing of the past.

AI to automate meeting admin


This week, LiveTiles announced a new partnership with Canadian AI company Testfire Labs that will see the two companies combine their technologies to create a new Intelligent Meeting Suite product that LiveTiles says will “revolutionise meetings and collaborations in the workplace.”

The Intelligent Meeting Suite will be able to arrange a meeting time that best suits all attendees and by leveraging Testfire Labs’ Hendrix.ai product it will be able to automatically transcribe meetings and from there highlight key points, capture action items and present them in concise, editable summaries in a searchable dashboard.

Hendrix.ai is platform agnostic and integrated with all major conference platforms including Zoom, WebEx and JoinMe.

The product will be powered by Starmind’s AI algorithms. LiveTiles and Starmind entered a strategic partnership in December last year to deliver an AI solution that ‘maps human expertise and information to create an Organisational Brain.’

Chief Product Officer Simon Tyrrell told investors that the Intelligent Meeting Suite and the partnership with Testfire would, “give our customers the opportunity to run smarter meetings, while also gaining meaningful insights on meeting topics and relevant experts within their business”.

Beating the meeting time drain


Scheduling software firm Doodle have estimated the average professional loses two hours a week in unproductive meetings which is a waste of 24 billion hours per year and costing a grand total of US$541 billion.

LiveTiles’ existing software solutions are all about improving productivity and collaboration in the workplace, and this new solution builds on this.

The partnership with Testfire is a clear endorsement of LiveTiles’ capabilities in delivering intelligence workplace software.

Together, LiveTiles and Testfire aim to “disrupt the value organisations see from meetings,” said Testfire Labs’ CEO, Dave Damer.

“We’re thrilled to be working with LiveTiles to accelerate the adoption of voice as a powerful tool for businesses,” he continued.

LiveTiles’ products have often targeted specific sectors such as its latest airport Gate Agent Assistant Bot to improve the check-in experience for passengers.

But this artificial intelligence product is designed to fit all businesses in all sectors – making in widely applicable and expanding LiveTiles’ addressable market.


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